Paula's Roadster Silks  


With two daughters that show Miniature Horses we seem to always be in need of show clothes. When they started entering the roadster classes, we ran into the problem of finding silks.  I was so thankful that my mom had taught me to sew as a young child.  My children have been after me to put my sewing services to work and make roadster silks for others since they are hard to find.  Right now I do a basic roadster outfit with the two strips and 2 pockets and the v-cuffs on each arm.  They are made with satin polyester and have snaps down the front and on the pockets.  I make the hat to match your roadster shirt.  I may start making matching pants in the future, but not yet.  

To Place An Order:

*Make your outfit choices
*Take your measurements
*Choose you fabric colors and/or prints

    I will send you some swatches to see if the fabric colors are what you want. If you are satisfied with fabric colors then I will make your outfit. Once that is done, I will email you some photos of the finished product(s).  From the photos, if you like what you see, I would ask you to send me the money either in a cashiers check or through paypal.  When you get the outfit, IF something doesn’t fit right or you are not satisfied, I would ask you to send it back so I can make it right. I do want you happy
with your purchase.  Please give me at least 6 weeks to make the outfit.  I need time to purchase the right fabrics and I try to take enough time to make a nice product.  Plus… I do have a family to care for.  

    I appreciate the opportunity to make a roadster outfit for you.  I want it to be a special one-of-a-kind outfit just for you & your horse. Please email me your choices and your home address so I can send you some swatches.  





What I will need from you is:
(Basic Shirt small & med.- $200.00)  (Basic Shirt large & up - $220.00)
*Your choice of colors:__________ &__________ 
 Third color ($15.00 extra):__________  Printed fabric ($50.00 extra):___________
*Hat colors:___________&__________ (Hat with button on top-$50.00)
 Bowtie on front ($10.00 extra)
*Third smaller pocket on front ($10.00 extra)
*Belt loops with tie belt ($15.00 extra)

For sizing:
Chest size (in inches):____________
Arm Length (from top of shoulder to wrist):___________
Trunk Length (from bottom-back of neck to desired length:___________
Head (from front of forehead to back of head & back around to front:__________

Solid Color Options:                                    

Purple                  Red
Lavender              Cranberry
Navy                    Yellow
Light Blue             Gold
Dark Blue              White
Black                    Burgundy                                            
Bright Pink            Silver
Pale Pink              Green
Lime Green           Dark Green
Teal                      Brown/Light Brown
Evergreen             Orange    

Printed Fabric Options ($50.00 extra)                

*Leopard Prints (I just finished one of these)
*Polk A Dots (I have some red fabric with black dots)                      
*Zebra Print
*Whatever idea you have…I will try to find!

*This is your chance to have a one-of-a-kind outfit!  These printed fabrics will only be available at certain times and will just depend on what I can find and what is in season at the time.



                                                        3 colors make a great outfit!